stupid bleeding edge

bleeding edge, for those of you who don’t know, is the term for the top most version, the cutting edge, the newest and in most cases, not even supported yet, recomendation or version of codes, code structures, and languages and other technological entities.

the bleeding edge that i am referring to now is the new XHTML 2.0 specification. it is still in its infancy and is not even released as a recommended specification yet, but when it is, it is going to radically change the way that web pages are created and displayed.

when html started, it was a markup language, not unlike TeX (pronounced ‘tech’, like the greek letter chi, which is not pronounced like the tea, but like ‘ki’.).  it was designed to allow people to produce a page and then tell about the content (with tags like h1 {a first-level header}, and p {a paragraph}, etc., and the client reading it was supposed to make desicions on how to display that content.

then the web got popular. people wanted to be able to edit and control the way that people viewed their pages. along came all of the superfluous tags like u {underline}, i {italics}, etc. that are the bane of current specifications and have been deprecated (which means they are no longer recommended but are still supported by most, if not all browsers).  that is all going to change with xhtml 2.0. there will be no support for any deprecated tags and even more tags are being removed(img, for starters, h1, h2, etc.) with others being deprecated (such as <br />).  these tags are going to be replaced by new (, or already existing but rarely used) tags like section, line, and object.

some new exciting features of xhtml 2.0 is the change of the href {Hypertext REFerence} attribute of the a {anchor} tag, which is now part of the global attributes, like class or name. this means you can turn ANY object, be it a list item, an image, or a table cell, into a link without having to wrap it in an anchor tag !  this is cool.

but… as cool as the new features may be, the fact that ALL specifications that came before are now unsupported, nearly the whole of the www is going to have to be re-written. including all of my pages and other sites that i am working on, which is quite a few, sometime in the near future. that sux0rs.

for more information on this subject, here are some links:
The Web’s future: XHTML 2.0
XHTML 2.0 Working Draft

what i’m working on

i’m currently working on the new corporate intranet and public site for EGI, which is pretty dang huge for a guy who only designs websites as a hobby. the site uses ColdFusion, which is a server side script not unlike php and perl. although it does have its pros and cons. pro is its simplicity, there’s no distinguising between the code and the html while coding, the code merely consists of specific html ‘tags’ (for instance <cfif> </cfif>), but because of it’s simplicity, it’s also a little harder to do complex things without a superfluous amount of code.

i also designed a site for a friend of mine (soon to be brother-in-law through two marriages) at i really like the way the site turned out for him, i’m actually quite proud of it. it’s simple, but the backend is custom coded in php to select a different random picture from each of the various photo albums and display it as a rollover on the main page every time it is refreshed. i also re-skinned the photo album that he uses (the same php script as mine), and created all new graphics, edited css, and code.

anywho… it’s been a while, sorry to keep everybody in the dark about what’s going on, but i been busy.
plur, lates

p.s.- you may also notice (if you frequent my blog) that the look (and script) has changed, i was forced to do this by some weinie that kept comment spamming my blog. why do people feel they have to be dickheads? what happened to respect?

it’s done!!

i got done putting the finishing touches on my new and improved website layout last night, made a few new pics for the walls section, and uploaded them today. take a look around at the new site and enjoy!

i really like the cleanliness of the whole layout, its very easy on the eyes, no part is too contrasted, and they all blend very smoothly. if you’re using mozilla or firefox as your browser, you also get an added bonus, if you’ll look in the blog (which you are right now), you’ll notice that as you move the screen up and down, the background doesn’t move, not even inside the light parts. makes for a really interesting effect. i kinda like it. oh well, enough about me, lets talk about you.

leave comments if you wish, or sign the guestbook and let me know what you think.

plur, lahter.

new look coming soon

so i decided that it was about time to revamp the site, take out stuff that wasn’t needed, and redo the over all look of the place. i got the main page done, you cant see it yet, but i’ve heard from a couple of people that it’s pretty cool…

sorry for the rambling, i’m not quite all there right now… don’t know why, just kinda off today.

blah blah blah nevermind.


that’s Oh My Fucking HELL!! for those of you not in the know.

i am so sick of the company that my domain is registered through right now it’s not even funny. they have pretty much killed my site for the past three weeks and it is still dead. (i’m writing this through a more direct path that my hosting provides in situations like these)

my current registration period was going to expire, and my hosting company started offering domain registration services that they didn’t offer when i got the webspace, so i wanted to switch over to them to make everything easier. so i pay for the domain service through them about two weeks before it was to expire, and they tried to switch it but it didn’t work, so they tried again, but the second try was too late and my name ( was now being held ransom (ok, not really, but that’s what it seems like). come to find out that there was a registrar-lock placed on my domain that nobody told me about, and i can’t remove it until i renew my subscription through my current company, so i finally give in and pay them what i need to to get it working…

still waiting…

its been a week now and i still have no control over my domain. the customer service they are providing is horrible, they have NO customer service on the weekends (?!?), no phone numbers that work, and the customer service they do provide is either wrong, or ambiguous (“don’t worry, we are getting in contact with department concerns”) WTF???

anyway, they finally figured out that somewhere along the line, the order got lost and they are currently working on it, but that’s what they’ve been saying this whole time, so we’ll see… anyway, just to let you all know, if your domain is registered through HostDime, Fariert, or any of their affiliate companies (except eNom, who is the actual registrar that HostDime is a reseller for), get out now!

just venting…
>( l8

more to come when my service is finally back up…

stupid snow

ya know what really sucks… when your writing a blog entry and then when you go to add it to the database, you get a nice little internal server error. that sucks. i had this whole post typed out yesterday, but when i went to send it, it died, so i’m typin it again…

i was tellin you about that render i was working on that was takin like 6 days… well, we went up to my girlie’s parent’s house for christmas, and it was snowing pretty good up there, so after the day was over, we decided that it would probably be better if we left earlier instead of staying and watching a movie with the fam. so we left and when we got to the bottom of the canyon, it was snowing pretty hard. one of the first things i did when i got home was check on the status of the render… it was coming along nicely, and it actually looked pretty good at the point it was at, so i saved a version at that point and went about the rest of my evening.

when i woke up, i noticed that the clock was blinking… fuck. the power had bliped. it doesn’t really matter if the render had finished during the night, i hadn’t had a chance to save it completed before the power bliped. 6 days of rendering, lost. but not completely… i still had the almost complete version saved from the night before, which is good or i would have been really upset. but it snowed pretty hard that night and there was like a foot of snow on the ground in the morning and it was still snowing!  it’s a good thing we left early or we would have been stuck up the canyon for 2 days.

i shoveled the driveway that afternoon with my gilrie and again that night by myself because it had snowed another 6 inches. all in all, over two days it snowed about 2 feet at my house. it looks cool, but it sucks to have to shovel that damn driveway three times a day to keep it managable. otherwise we’d have to shovel a foot at a time, which really sucks. it took us about 2 hours the first time.

oh well, sammie likes it.

plur, lates.


wow… christmas really snuck up on me this year. usually, around this time, i know that it is christmas, i just don’t have any of the shopping done.

this year, i went shopping yesterday (which was awesome by the way, it’s so nice to be able to buy about half of the stuff you need to get at one store, although the store i got everything at wasn’t even close to the kind of store that i thought i would be able to get everything at… and everything else at another store, which was also a big surprise, anywho…) i went shopping yesterday, and didn’t really get the christmas feeling until last night after that awesome day of shopping, but thats okay, cuz i gots it now, and i’m excited!!  i only have to buy a few more things today, but they’re the important ones, for my girlie, and then i’m done, and it’ll be christmas before you know it, and i’ll get lots of stuff.

and i know that may seem selfish… but whatever, you know you get excited when you get cool stuff for christmas, too.

don’t get me wrong, i love being able to buy stuff for other people, but gettin stuff is cool as hell, too.   =)

anywho…   Merry Christmas!!!

and i hope you get everything you wanted!

on a completely unrelated note… i’m currently rendering something in bryce that is taking like 6 days to render, not even kidding… i started it on friday or saturday and it has been running solid ever since (today is tuesday). it still has about 2 days to go (it’s currently about 65% completed), so… takin a while. i’ll post it when it’s done so you can see what all of the trouble is for, it’s pretty cool…

stupid computers

the computer at paulsen construction was gettin to be pretty full, so i decided that it was about time to wipe the hard drive, get rid of the dual-boot that was on there and repartition the drive with one drive. because the reason that there were two partitions is no longer an issue.

so i did, except that the dumb thing decided that it wanted to make the new drive (freshly formatted, etc.) drive letter f ??? so i get windows all installed (all the while not knowing it was installing on drive f), which takes about an hour, and then check the thing and notice that its drive f. so i take the drive that was supposed to be f, and change it to d and try to change the new drive to drive c, but it won’t let me. but it’s okay, i’m not too pissed, just a little annoyed, cuz i can easily reformat, remove the conflicting drive, and reinstall windows, not that big a deal, except that when i remove the drive, and go to reformat, the computer doesn’t detect the hard drive !!! OMG! so i have to flash the BIOS, fiddle with shit, and finally get it to detect the hard drive after about a half an hour of stress. so it’s finally installing, and i’m playing on another computer, but i just wanted to let everybody know, that computers suck! just buy ’em and leave ’em alone.

grrr, lates


so i’m adding a bunch of photos to my photo gallery, which has this really cool feature where you can upload a whole directory full of photos to the site, and then batch add the whole lot in one try without having to upload each photo individually.

so i upload the photos that i took down in escalante, and when i try to batch add them, it says there are no new photos in the bunch… weird. but not that big of a deal. i just head over to the coppermine website to check on some assistance with the problem…   but guess what?  IT’S NOT THERE! i get a 403 forbidden error when i try to access any part of the site!  how much does that suck?

so i’m sittin here with a bunch of pictures that i may need to upload one by one, which will take all day, cuz there’s like 50 of them. shitty. but anyway, it’s lame how they don’t even support their product anymore.

i’m lookin into changing the photo gallery script, but all the others suck ass, like 4images and some others not even worth mentioning.

poopy… plur, late

feel goods

i don’t know why, but i am so excited today…  it could be the airsoft game we’re playing tomorrow, or the party tomorrow night, or the sense of achievement i have at moddin the crap out of my board today…  i dunno, but it’s there.

i kinda like moddin my board, it’s fun, except when it doesn’t work. then it sucks, but today… it worked, so it’s good.

have a great day!  mine’s goin pretty dang good.

plur, peace-love-unity-respect (