wow… christmas really snuck up on me this year. usually, around this time, i know that it is christmas, i just don’t have any of the shopping done.

this year, i went shopping yesterday (which was awesome by the way, it’s so nice to be able to buy about half of the stuff you need to get at one store, although the store i got everything at wasn’t even close to the kind of store that i thought i would be able to get everything at… and everything else at another store, which was also a big surprise, anywho…) i went shopping yesterday, and didn’t really get the christmas feeling until last night after that awesome day of shopping, but thats okay, cuz i gots it now, and i’m excited!!  i only have to buy a few more things today, but they’re the important ones, for my girlie, and then i’m done, and it’ll be christmas before you know it, and i’ll get lots of stuff.

and i know that may seem selfish… but whatever, you know you get excited when you get cool stuff for christmas, too.

don’t get me wrong, i love being able to buy stuff for other people, but gettin stuff is cool as hell, too.   =)

anywho…   Merry Christmas!!!

and i hope you get everything you wanted!

on a completely unrelated note… i’m currently rendering something in bryce that is taking like 6 days to render, not even kidding… i started it on friday or saturday and it has been running solid ever since (today is tuesday). it still has about 2 days to go (it’s currently about 65% completed), so… takin a while. i’ll post it when it’s done so you can see what all of the trouble is for, it’s pretty cool…