stupid forum

every time i get just about done upgrading my board with various mods, images, goodies, etc. the peeps over at invision services come out with a new update to the codes, so i have to go through and re-install just about everything on the board. kind of annoying, and i know i don’t have to do it, but i’ve always gotta have the best stuff for my friends to use. so right now, i’m currently workin on gettin my forums workin the way they were before this update, and also gettin all of my links on the whole site updated to reflect the addition of my new photo gallery area which can be found here:

i still can’t decide what template to use on the photos page, but oh well, i guess that’s life, and i have more important things to worry about, such as finals coming up, a take home test i should be doing, registering for the U which starts in like 20 days (3 weeks), and trying to keep my money problems under control.

but its nice to get away from all of that stuff for a while and just get immersed into the computer and workin on stuff that gives me a real sense of accomplishment, so… gonna go get myself a sense of accomplishment! =)

plur, l8

terragen and airsoft

so i downloaded terragen today. yeah… it’s pretty dope. i made a new page for the images i create with terragen that can be seen here: i really like how the clouds and water looks in terragen, it’s a lot better than in bryce, although bryce definitely is the one for creating 3d shapes and images. i’m already thinkin of ways that i can incorporate some nice halo effects into terragen using halosim.

— insert change of topic here —

my friend told me yesterday that he would buy an airsoft gun if i paid him back. so now we can go to the tac4 thingy, cept the dumb honky forgot that he had to work on saturday =( so, we are goin to order a gun for me and go the next time they have a tactical training course. kinda bummed, but oh well. at least i get a gun on ‘credit’ out of the deal. =)

have a great day yall, check out the terragen pics! expect more very soon, because, well, its all about the new toys. =)

So this is a blog…. hmmm.

Well, I guess if I’m gonna  be a real ‘webmaster/technogeek’ type person, I’m gonna hafta get a blog thingy so that I dont look like I dont know what I’m doing (looks around to see if anybody is reading this).  So yeah, thats it!