stupid computers

the computer at paulsen construction was gettin to be pretty full, so i decided that it was about time to wipe the hard drive, get rid of the dual-boot that was on there and repartition the drive with one drive. because the reason that there were two partitions is no longer an issue.

so i did, except that the dumb thing decided that it wanted to make the new drive (freshly formatted, etc.) drive letter f ??? so i get windows all installed (all the while not knowing it was installing on drive f), which takes about an hour, and then check the thing and notice that its drive f. so i take the drive that was supposed to be f, and change it to d and try to change the new drive to drive c, but it won’t let me. but it’s okay, i’m not too pissed, just a little annoyed, cuz i can easily reformat, remove the conflicting drive, and reinstall windows, not that big a deal, except that when i remove the drive, and go to reformat, the computer doesn’t detect the hard drive !!! OMG! so i have to flash the BIOS, fiddle with shit, and finally get it to detect the hard drive after about a half an hour of stress. so it’s finally installing, and i’m playing on another computer, but i just wanted to let everybody know, that computers suck! just buy ’em and leave ’em alone.

grrr, lates

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  1. So when redid the hard drives to it give you different drives like f went to g or anything like that because that happened to me onec

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