so i’m adding a bunch of photos to my photo gallery, which has this really cool feature where you can upload a whole directory full of photos to the site, and then batch add the whole lot in one try without having to upload each photo individually.

so i upload the photos that i took down in escalante, and when i try to batch add them, it says there are no new photos in the bunch… weird. but not that big of a deal. i just head over to the coppermine website to check on some assistance with the problem…   but guess what?  IT’S NOT THERE! i get a 403 forbidden error when i try to access any part of the site!  how much does that suck?

so i’m sittin here with a bunch of pictures that i may need to upload one by one, which will take all day, cuz there’s like 50 of them. shitty. but anyway, it’s lame how they don’t even support their product anymore.

i’m lookin into changing the photo gallery script, but all the others suck ass, like 4images and some others not even worth mentioning.

poopy… plur, late