stupid snow

ya know what really sucks… when your writing a blog entry and then when you go to add it to the database, you get a nice little internal server error. that sucks. i had this whole post typed out yesterday, but when i went to send it, it died, so i’m typin it again…

i was tellin you about that render i was working on that was takin like 6 days… well, we went up to my girlie’s parent’s house for christmas, and it was snowing pretty good up there, so after the day was over, we decided that it would probably be better if we left earlier instead of staying and watching a movie with the fam. so we left and when we got to the bottom of the canyon, it was snowing pretty hard. one of the first things i did when i got home was check on the status of the render… it was coming along nicely, and it actually looked pretty good at the point it was at, so i saved a version at that point and went about the rest of my evening.

when i woke up, i noticed that the clock was blinking… fuck. the power had bliped. it doesn’t really matter if the render had finished during the night, i hadn’t had a chance to save it completed before the power bliped. 6 days of rendering, lost. but not completely… i still had the almost complete version saved from the night before, which is good or i would have been really upset. but it snowed pretty hard that night and there was like a foot of snow on the ground in the morning and it was still snowing!  it’s a good thing we left early or we would have been stuck up the canyon for 2 days.

i shoveled the driveway that afternoon with my gilrie and again that night by myself because it had snowed another 6 inches. all in all, over two days it snowed about 2 feet at my house. it looks cool, but it sucks to have to shovel that damn driveway three times a day to keep it managable. otherwise we’d have to shovel a foot at a time, which really sucks. it took us about 2 hours the first time.

oh well, sammie likes it.

plur, lates.