computers… blegh

i have been so frustrated by my computer at work lately that i about threw it out the window. i came into work a couple of weeks ago and my computer would not boot, it just kept restarting. so i booted into safe mode, but it never finished, just booted up to one point and stopped. i asked my it boss what was going on and she gave me some pointers which i tried with no success, and finally reinstalled windows, but now the computer won’t recognize the hard drives.

there were two rather large drives in a raid span and only one of them can be recognized at a time. sucky.

so i’m running this data recovery software and hoping that not all is lost, but i fear that it is, and if it is, then i’ll have to rebuild the computer and all my lost data from scratch and that will take me at least a week of solid working. not to mention all the little things that you always use but never think about…  i’ll have to find those, too.

stupid computers, but at least my computer at home is being wierd, too

comment spam

i stated in a post back when i switched over to this blogging software that one of the best things about it was that it automagically blocks all incoming spam.

well…  it’s still doing it and rocking it like nobody’s buisiness. last night i got about 15 emails letting me know there were comments waiting to be approved and not a single one of them was legitimate.

if i hadn’t switched to wordpress, i would have been sifting through my blog searching for all of the comment spam right now.

now all we need is a way to really piss them off when they try to spam us. by maybe freezing thier comp for a while everytime they try to send spam, so that if they hit the wrong place thier comp freezes for the rest of the day…  yeah, that would be cool.

stupid spammers. it’s not even like they’re trying to get you to buy something cool either. i mean, really, who gets a spam and think, “ya know, i’ve been meaning to have my penis enlarged, i should give these people in that third-world country a call, i bet they could do it really well.”

nope, doesn’t happen.

rubik’s cube

guess what ?!? i solved a rubik’s cube the other day without looking at instructions or anything for the first time !!  and did it several times, just to make sure that i could.

it’s crazy how easy the thing really is when you finally figure it out. when i started playing with a cube at my friend’s house, i had to look on the internet just to get the thing solved, and because i was reading instructions or using the cube explorer, i couldn’t look at the cube to see what the various moves were doing.

but then i got the first face and the first row all figured out and had troubles with the second row (but i was pretty drunk when i was trying to do it, so don’t blame me).  then  i got the second row and it was pretty easy as well, once i figured that out, but the final row…  man that one’s tough. so i looked online at a rubik’s solution and solved a rubik’s simulator on my computer (i don’t actually own a rubik’s cube) while looking at the instructions. i solved it a few times looking at the instructions, then turned them off and tried to solve it without looking. when i got to the end, i didn’t even realize that i did it until i was sitting there looking at the cube, wondering what move to make next, then noticing that all of the sides were solid. i even turned the cube over and over to make sure i hadn’t missed somthing, it seemed so unreal. so i did it again, and again. then i met a situation i hadn’t seen before and had to consult the instructions. but i’ve done it several times since then and feel pretty confident i can solve the cube any time i want now. which is dope.

but now i need to learn how to solve the 4d magic cube.  i’ve solved up to five moves, but after that it gets all messy and i have no idea where to flip the thing.┬áit’s tough, it’s like a rubik’s cube on steriods.

but i think the ultimate rubik’s solver is the LEGO rubik’s cube solver built by j.p. brown !  man that has got to be the coolest thing on the planet !  and it actually works, too !  i’ve seen video of it working.
it brings together everything that is geek and puts it all in a nice neat package to exclaim to the world, “I AM GEEK !!”

it uses lego’s in cunjunction with computer code and function to solve a rubik’s cube, how much more geek do you need?

moonshine skin finished

now you have no excuses for not using my skin on your desktop.

the skin has a clock with the background of the clock being the current phase of the moon. the skin works on both light and dark backgrounds, and is super easy (no editing required) to install. so there ya go, no excuses.

you can still download rainmeter from rainy’s site: download
and you can get my new skin from here: download

here is a preview image of the clock

moonlite skin images

i recieved an e-mail from jer, who downloaded my moonlite skin, and he had updated the images to work on both light and dark backgrounds as well as increase the size and add a nice gloss over the front and a shadow.

when i first saw it it blew me away. it looks so good. it will be added to the zip file as soon as i get a chance, but it will be worth it.

i’ll keep you posted here.

sample image:

blog theme

well… wordpress 1.5 came out not too long ago, and i’ve upgraded the blog software as you may be noticing right now. the only thing that sucks is they changed the whole skinning process and started to use themes. i’m sure it’s a step in a positive direction, but now i’ve got to figure out how to skin the darn thing and get my old skin back (which was based on Human Condition by Ian Main)
so i’ll probably be working on that soon, and i hope that this new version is everything they say it is…

but it should be, the people over at wordpress are super cool and probably the best developers anywhere… keepin it real, just like it should be.

as you can see, the theme is coming along nicely, i’m learning some cool things about wordpress and have implemented a few upgrades and plugins to make the iohelix blog experience even better.

MoonFeed and Rainmeter skin FINISHED

well, i finally finished my rainmeter skin that shows you the phase of the moon on your desktop. took me long enough.

the skin is available for download on my site, and rainmeter is available for download on rainy’s site.

if you need any help setting it up, don’t hesitate to ask.

i hope people find this as interesting and informative of an addition to their desktop as i do.

rss feeds in your mailbox

i just discovered that, when using a compatible mail client (such as mozilla thunderbird), you can have my blog entries sent right to your inbox without having to check the site every day.

this is also true of any RSS feed.

so, what are you waiting for?  get the latest version of thunderbird and check it out !

there is also, as of the time of this writing, a Release Candidate for the 1.0 version of thunderbird.

you may want to check that out as it has many bug fixes and newer features.

now for the instructions:

to set up thunderbird to read the rss feed, click on Tools -> Account Settings…
then select ‘News & Blogs’ from the menu on the left. this will allow you to click the button labeled ‘Manage Subscriptions…’

click the button labeled ‘Add’, and in the Feed URL: box enter
(this address can also be found on the main page of the blog in the box labeled “META” on the menu side of the page, as well as some other feeds, like the comments)

click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again, and ‘OK’ one more time.

after you have returned to the main thunderbird screen, click on ‘Get Mail’ in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and watch in wonderment as the blog posts appear automagically in your inbox.

anytime i make a new post, it will appear there all bolded and highlighted and ready for your reading pleasure.

if you wish to comment on one of my posts, just click on the link provided in the header info of the post and it will sweep you off to internet land where you can view the post on my site and add comments however you see fit.

amazing, isn’t it?

that is all…   for now…

new blog software

this new blog software has got to be the best thing ever.

it looks pretty cool, the back end is awesome and the best thing is…  automatic comment moderation.
which means, i don’t have to sift through all of the comments any more and search for comment spam. before a comment hits the screen, it’s sent to a queue where it sits waiting for me to delete it before ever appearing on the blog.


except that i didn’t have any comment spam until i added the link to the old location of the blog…

maybe thats my fault, maybe it was inevitable, either way, i still don’t have to sift through them.

yay  =)

stupid bleeding edge

bleeding edge, for those of you who don’t know, is the term for the top most version, the cutting edge, the newest and in most cases, not even supported yet, recomendation or version of codes, code structures, and languages and other technological entities.

the bleeding edge that i am referring to now is the new XHTML 2.0 specification. it is still in its infancy and is not even released as a recommended specification yet, but when it is, it is going to radically change the way that web pages are created and displayed.

when html started, it was a markup language, not unlike TeX (pronounced ‘tech’, like the greek letter chi, which is not pronounced like the tea, but like ‘ki’.).  it was designed to allow people to produce a page and then tell about the content (with tags like h1 {a first-level header}, and p {a paragraph}, etc., and the client reading it was supposed to make desicions on how to display that content.

then the web got popular. people wanted to be able to edit and control the way that people viewed their pages. along came all of the superfluous tags like u {underline}, i {italics}, etc. that are the bane of current specifications and have been deprecated (which means they are no longer recommended but are still supported by most, if not all browsers).  that is all going to change with xhtml 2.0. there will be no support for any deprecated tags and even more tags are being removed(img, for starters, h1, h2, etc.) with others being deprecated (such as <br />).  these tags are going to be replaced by new (, or already existing but rarely used) tags like section, line, and object.

some new exciting features of xhtml 2.0 is the change of the href {Hypertext REFerence} attribute of the a {anchor} tag, which is now part of the global attributes, like class or name. this means you can turn ANY object, be it a list item, an image, or a table cell, into a link without having to wrap it in an anchor tag !  this is cool.

but… as cool as the new features may be, the fact that ALL specifications that came before are now unsupported, nearly the whole of the www is going to have to be re-written. including all of my pages and other sites that i am working on, which is quite a few, sometime in the near future. that sux0rs.

for more information on this subject, here are some links:
The Web’s future: XHTML 2.0
XHTML 2.0 Working Draft