rubik’s cube

guess what ?!? i solved a rubik’s cube the other day without looking at instructions or anything for the first time !!  and did it several times, just to make sure that i could.

it’s crazy how easy the thing really is when you finally figure it out. when i started playing with a cube at my friend’s house, i had to look on the internet just to get the thing solved, and because i was reading instructions or using the cube explorer, i couldn’t look at the cube to see what the various moves were doing.

but then i got the first face and the first row all figured out and had troubles with the second row (but i was pretty drunk when i was trying to do it, so don’t blame me).  then  i got the second row and it was pretty easy as well, once i figured that out, but the final row…  man that one’s tough. so i looked online at a rubik’s solution and solved a rubik’s simulator on my computer (i don’t actually own a rubik’s cube) while looking at the instructions. i solved it a few times looking at the instructions, then turned them off and tried to solve it without looking. when i got to the end, i didn’t even realize that i did it until i was sitting there looking at the cube, wondering what move to make next, then noticing that all of the sides were solid. i even turned the cube over and over to make sure i hadn’t missed somthing, it seemed so unreal. so i did it again, and again. then i met a situation i hadn’t seen before and had to consult the instructions. but i’ve done it several times since then and feel pretty confident i can solve the cube any time i want now. which is dope.

but now i need to learn how to solve the 4d magic cube.  i’ve solved up to five moves, but after that it gets all messy and i have no idea where to flip the thing. it’s tough, it’s like a rubik’s cube on steriods.

but i think the ultimate rubik’s solver is the LEGO rubik’s cube solver built by j.p. brown !  man that has got to be the coolest thing on the planet !  and it actually works, too !  i’ve seen video of it working.
it brings together everything that is geek and puts it all in a nice neat package to exclaim to the world, “I AM GEEK !!”

it uses lego’s in cunjunction with computer code and function to solve a rubik’s cube, how much more geek do you need?