rss feeds in your mailbox

i just discovered that, when using a compatible mail client (such as mozilla thunderbird), you can have my blog entries sent right to your inbox without having to check the site every day.

this is also true of any RSS feed.

so, what are you waiting for?  get the latest version of thunderbird and check it out !

there is also, as of the time of this writing, a Release Candidate for the 1.0 version of thunderbird.

you may want to check that out as it has many bug fixes and newer features.

now for the instructions:

to set up thunderbird to read the rss feed, click on Tools -> Account Settings…
then select ‘News & Blogs’ from the menu on the left. this will allow you to click the button labeled ‘Manage Subscriptions…’

click the button labeled ‘Add’, and in the Feed URL: box enter
(this address can also be found on the main page of the blog in the box labeled “META” on the menu side of the page, as well as some other feeds, like the comments)

click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again, and ‘OK’ one more time.

after you have returned to the main thunderbird screen, click on ‘Get Mail’ in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and watch in wonderment as the blog posts appear automagically in your inbox.

anytime i make a new post, it will appear there all bolded and highlighted and ready for your reading pleasure.

if you wish to comment on one of my posts, just click on the link provided in the header info of the post and it will sweep you off to internet land where you can view the post on my site and add comments however you see fit.

amazing, isn’t it?

that is all…   for now…

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