computers… blegh

i have been so frustrated by my computer at work lately that i about threw it out the window. i came into work a couple of weeks ago and my computer would not boot, it just kept restarting. so i booted into safe mode, but it never finished, just booted up to one point and stopped. i asked my it boss what was going on and she gave me some pointers which i tried with no success, and finally reinstalled windows, but now the computer won’t recognize the hard drives.

there were two rather large drives in a raid span and only one of them can be recognized at a time. sucky.

so i’m running this data recovery software and hoping that not all is lost, but i fear that it is, and if it is, then i’ll have to rebuild the computer and all my lost data from scratch and that will take me at least a week of solid working. not to mention all the little things that you always use but never think about…  i’ll have to find those, too.

stupid computers, but at least my computer at home is being wierd, too