terragen and airsoft

so i downloaded terragen today. yeah… it’s pretty dope. i made a new page for the images i create with terragen that can be seen here: http://www.iohelix.net/photos/thumbnails.php?album=14 i really like how the clouds and water looks in terragen, it’s a lot better than in bryce, although bryce definitely is the one for creating 3d shapes and images. i’m already thinkin of ways that i can incorporate some nice halo effects into terragen using halosim.

— insert change of topic here —

my friend told me yesterday that he would buy an airsoft gun if i paid him back. so now we can go to the tac4 thingy, cept the dumb honky forgot that he had to work on saturday =( so, we are goin to order a gun for me and go the next time they have a tactical training course. kinda bummed, but oh well. at least i get a gun on ‘credit’ out of the deal. =)

have a great day yall, check out the terragen pics! expect more very soon, because, well, its all about the new toys. =)