rainmeter skin and moon data feed

i’ve been working lately on a feed for astronomical data on the sun and the moon that has taken up pretty much every waking moment of mine for the past couple of weeks and it’s nearing completion !

aren’t you excited ?!?

yeah, figured you would be.

the feed was created for the sole purpose of running a rainmeter skin that i am creating to go with it that will display the moon in its correct phase on your desktop (these files will all be available on my site as soon as i am done).  so i figured, while i’m writing all this code to figure out the phase, why not do the major phase dates for the current lunation. and while i’m doing that, why not sunrise and sunset times, as well as transit times, and altitude and azimuth values for those times, and do all that for the moon, too.

needless to say, it got pretty big, and every bit of data needs to be output in several different versions, too.
for instance, decimal degrees, as well as degree, minutes, seconds; local time, universal time, julian day, modified julian day, and terrestrial time. all these different values get calculated in the process, why not output them to the user?

so anywho… i have a working prototype on my desktop that pretty much kicks all ace. i will clean it up, as well as the output of the feed, and make it available for everybody. one thing though, it will only run with rainmeter, so click the link above and get it.

i’ll keep you posted. shouldn’t be too much longer now, just some minor additions, and a little tweaking and its ready to roll out.

p.s.- i’m not a geek.

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