moonlite skin images

i recieved an e-mail from jer, who downloaded my moonlite skin, and he had updated the images to work on both light and dark backgrounds as well as increase the size and add a nice gloss over the front and a shadow.

when i first saw it it blew me away. it looks so good. it will be added to the zip file as soon as i get a chance, but it will be worth it.

i’ll keep you posted here.

sample image:

what i’m working on

i’m currently working on the new corporate intranet and public site for EGI, which is pretty dang huge for a guy who only designs websites as a hobby. the site uses ColdFusion, which is a server side script not unlike php and perl. although it does have its pros and cons. pro is its simplicity, there’s no distinguising between the code and the html while coding, the code merely consists of specific html ‘tags’ (for instance <cfif> </cfif>), but because of it’s simplicity, it’s also a little harder to do complex things without a superfluous amount of code.

i also designed a site for a friend of mine (soon to be brother-in-law through two marriages) at i really like the way the site turned out for him, i’m actually quite proud of it. it’s simple, but the backend is custom coded in php to select a different random picture from each of the various photo albums and display it as a rollover on the main page every time it is refreshed. i also re-skinned the photo album that he uses (the same php script as mine), and created all new graphics, edited css, and code.

anywho… it’s been a while, sorry to keep everybody in the dark about what’s going on, but i been busy.
plur, lates

p.s.- you may also notice (if you frequent my blog) that the look (and script) has changed, i was forced to do this by some weinie that kept comment spamming my blog. why do people feel they have to be dickheads? what happened to respect?

feel goods

i don’t know why, but i am so excited today…  it could be the airsoft game we’re playing tomorrow, or the party tomorrow night, or the sense of achievement i have at moddin the crap out of my board today…  i dunno, but it’s there.

i kinda like moddin my board, it’s fun, except when it doesn’t work. then it sucks, but today… it worked, so it’s good.

have a great day!  mine’s goin pretty dang good.

plur, peace-love-unity-respect (

stupid forum

every time i get just about done upgrading my board with various mods, images, goodies, etc. the peeps over at invision services come out with a new update to the codes, so i have to go through and re-install just about everything on the board. kind of annoying, and i know i don’t have to do it, but i’ve always gotta have the best stuff for my friends to use. so right now, i’m currently workin on gettin my forums workin the way they were before this update, and also gettin all of my links on the whole site updated to reflect the addition of my new photo gallery area which can be found here:

i still can’t decide what template to use on the photos page, but oh well, i guess that’s life, and i have more important things to worry about, such as finals coming up, a take home test i should be doing, registering for the U which starts in like 20 days (3 weeks), and trying to keep my money problems under control.

but its nice to get away from all of that stuff for a while and just get immersed into the computer and workin on stuff that gives me a real sense of accomplishment, so… gonna go get myself a sense of accomplishment! =)

plur, l8